Why BloomBecause people with Medicare deserve to thrive.

More than 65 million Americans are eligible for Medicare, and they all deserve to live well. This belief guides everything we do — from the people we hire to the services we offer and the technologies we build.

Welcome to the High Value Enrollment era.

Medicare beneficiaries deserve personalized interactions from real people who genuinely care about helping them live happier, healthier lives. That’s how we build lasting satisfaction and loyalty.

High Value Enrollment closes the gaps that hamper member engagement and early access to care.

Traditional Enrollment


Pre-Effective Date Activities

  • Zero Activity

Effective Date

Less Engaged Member

Missed opportunities for relationship building and data insights

Powerful actions today,

healthier outcomes tomorrow.

Expert Health Insurance Enrollment

Market-leading recruiting, customized sales training programs, and more than 15 years of telesales experience ensure your Bloom licensed agents are ready to assist Medicare shoppers on day 1 of your campaign.

Multichannel Outreach

We keep members informed and engaged by reaching them via phone, text, email, or direct mail – whichever they prefer. Authentic, personalized communication promotes longer-lasting relationships and the ability to gather more meaningful insights.

Actionable Data Collection

Early collection of demographics, social, and health data leads to more complete member profiles, improving care access and activation and shortening the time for gap closure.

Smart Technology

Powerful functionality inside our Ascend technology platform supports insurance shopping, new member enrollment, and extended engagement for health plans, brokers, and agents.

Customized Growth Solutions

Taking a consultative approach to understand each client’s unique goals, we tailor High Value Enrollment services to achieve measurable improvement in metrics like sales conversion, membership growth, retention, risk/quality, and HEDIS/CAHPS scores.

Ascend Quote & Enroll

Discover our real-time, growth-accelerating tool, customized to exceed your goals.

A proven approach to Medicare success.



Since inception in 2007



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Since inception in 2007



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Knowledge, Heart, Experience

We’re committed to doing the right thing for our Medicare health plan partners and the beneficiaries they serve. See how our culture sets us apart and sets our clients up for success.

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